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Ashley - Barber



Text for Appointment: 574.339.5366





30 Minute Haircut $30
A standard haircut and can go as short as a “no guard” or “0”. Enjoy a wash and style to finish.

45 Minute Haircut $45
Any detailed fading such as a skin/bald fade, burst fade, mohawk fade, etc. Can go down to smooth, “bald” skin. Enjoy a wash and style to finish.

30 Minute Beard Shaping $30
Shaping and lining with an electric shaver or straight razor shave. Includes straightening and styling to finish.

15 Minute Waxing $15-$20
Wax one of the following areas: Eyebrows, nose, or ears for $15. Or wax up to all three areas for $20

15 Minute Hair Treatment Add-On $15
A hair treatment to boost hydration and shine. Applied at the shampoo bowl and covered with hot towels with a mini scalp massage to finish.

Hair or Beard Color $35-$40
MUST have free allergy test done at least 48 hours prior to service
Choose gray coverage (100% of grays covered) with a 10 minute processing time. Or gray blending (Up to 50% of grays covered) with a 5 minute processing time.

15 Minute Scalp Treatment Add-On $20
A clarifying and exfoliating treatment to remove build up on the scalp. Enjoy a mini scalp massage.

15 Minute Hydrating Facial Add-On $20A hydrating enzyme treatment for the face with no downtime. Enjoy a scrub, facial massage, and plenty of hot towels.

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