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Salon Information

About Cheveux Hair Salon


Thanks for checking out Cheveux Hair Salon! People often have a hard time pronouncing or spelling our salon name. To make it easier, our name is pronounced Sheh-vu. Cheveux actually means hair in French, which essentially means our salon is called Hair Hair Salon....we probably should have thought that one through!

Cheveux Hair Salon is a booth rental salon. What does that mean? It means, instead of having a Salon Manager, with employees, each Stylist or Barber at the salon runs their own business, buys their own supplies, makes their own appointments, take their own payments for services, etc. 

​We pride ourselves on being a diverse salon that welcomes people from all walks of life, and our Stylists and Barbers represent that as well.  We always strive to make Cheveux a comfortable and clean space to enjoy, and we hope you have a great time during your visit. 

To Make an Appointment or Contact a Stylist/Barber

To make an appointment, please contact your stylist or barber directly. Since our stylists and barbers make their own appointments, they may be busy with other clients and not be able to immediately respond.  If after you have contacted your stylist or barber and are unable to reach them within 36 business hours, please submit a message below and we will pass the message on to the correct person. 

To Send a General Email to the Salon, Fill out the form below. Expect a response in 24-48 hours. 

Thanks! Message sent.


Salon Address

1315 Mishawaka Ave

South Bend, IN 46615

Located next to: The Builders Store and Burkhart 

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